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Bring out all the best aperitivo vibes with the Aperol Orange Lamp. You’ll be transported to an Italian aperitivo bar with the click of a button.

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Light up any space with the Aperol Orange Lamp

Change your decor and bring out all the best aperitivo vibes, all with just one new addition: the Aperol Orange Lamp. 

You might not even see it coming, but from this moment onwards, your home is taking on a new Feng Shui. All energy will be drawn in by your new centerpiece, the aperitivo moodsetter, the life of the party: the Aperol Orange Lamp.

Its unique mushroom-shaped design makes it even more striking than the Mona Lisa herself (but don’t tell Leonardo we said that. We are, after all, very proud of our Italian heritage). Made with orange varnished metal and a weighted base for stability, it also features the Aperol Spritz logo for all to admire. Best of all, it comes with a touch switch and a dimmer so you can adjust the light sensitivity to your liking and admire it all day and night.

Once you add this piece to your collection, your home, your decor, and your life will forever be orange - enjoy!

Practical information

- Orange Aperol Spritz Mushroom lamp
Iconic design
- Orange varnish metal with Aperol spritz logo
- The base is weighted to make the lamp stable
- With touch switch and light intensity that can be increased via a dimer.
- Battery capacity: 1500mAh
- Charging port: Type-C
- Size: 12.5 x 12.5 x 30 cm
- 1115 g

How to make the perfect Aperol Spritz

To make an Aperol Spritz you just have to remember 3-2-1.

  • 3 parts Prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 part soda water

Garnish with a slice of orange, pair with good company and a dash of laughter, and you have the perfect mix.

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